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  • SPCCST-A86D2
  • SPCCST-A86D2
Ink cup pad printer
Model SPCCST-A86D2

 ●       PLC is used for control together with LCD displaying to 
      ensure high reliability and stability.
●    Equipped with safety shield, meet safety requirements.
●    Printing speed, positioning accuracy, printing accuracy of up to ± 0.02mm.
●    The table can be rotated back and forth around.
●     The plastic head can be adjusted according to the different printing needs
      of different plastic drop height.
●    with  hot air drying device.

 Technical Data: 
●    Ink Cup Dia:        Φ90(mm)
●  Steel plate size:        100x250(mm)
●  Max.Printing Speed:    1200(pcs/hr)
●  Air Consumption::          350(L/min)
●  Outline Dimensions: :       1600x1600x1570(mm)
●   Weight:            700(kg)