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  • SPCCSF2-816VD1  1 Color Pad Printer with Sealed ink up
Ink cup pad printer
SPCCSF2-816VD1 1 Color Pad Printer with Sealed ink up
Model SPCCSF2-816VD1


1. Main Function

-PLC controls each function and with human-computer interface for easy operation.

-Pad front/rear up/down movement are driven by servomotor with roll screw rod.

-High quality aluminum alloy is used to make structure solid and light weight. Chassis adopts steel plate to ensure solid structure.

-Inking by ink cup, ink viscosity is stable and no need to add any solvents in 6 to 8 hours, no evaporation, splash. Instead 50% saving; good working environment retains.

-Convenient ink cup installation and remove for durable use.

-Duration time is adjustable to meet different requirement.

­-Extra function “twice inking, once printing” is designed for thicker ink film.

-Unique edge structure ensures clean ink scraping and produces clear and sharp printing image.

-Equipped with safety hood.

-With auto air drying function.


2. Working Principal

Pad printer working principal is pad printing method, which can be divided into 4 steps:

a)      Ink coating: coating ink on steel plate.

b)      Ink scraping: scraping away the ink on plate.

c)      Ink sticking: sticking image ink on steel plate.

d)      Pad printing: transiting the pad ink to substrate.


3. Technical data

Ink cup diameter (mm) Φ90
Steel plate size (mm) 100x250
Station (pcs) 18
Max. printing speed (pcs/hr) 1000
Air consumption (L/min) 230
Rated power 1800W
Rated voltage 1ΦAC 220V+/-10% 50Hz
Rated current 10A
Noise(dB) <80
Outline dimensions(mm) 1030x1500x1480
Wt.(kg) 500